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WILD Week Iceland

The idea of WILD began as an inspiring concept to explore why some innovation/design is MILD, taking us on steps forward, and others are WILD, taking us on leaps into the future.

As the challenges of the world have become more complex, we need innovation to help us take leaps, not steps, towards a better future. 

Taking place 4-7 July, WILD Week 2023 will be an exploration of WILD thinking, bringing together thinkers and decision-makers from across the globe for a three-day program to explore and celebrate WILD ideas.

Where better to explore WILD than Iceland? The wildest place on earth. 

As a reminder of why this gathering is so important here is an explanation of why it's time to be WILD written by Mark earlier this year.

The Experience

WILD Week will be made up of a series of events and experiences that allow you to open your mind, think beyond your immediate surroundings and connect with fellow explorers from around the world.

Delegates arrive in Reykjavík on Monday 3 July, and depart on Friday 7 July with three full days of activity in between:

Day 1 will provide a rich program of content delivered by design thinkers and decision-makers, including the first WILD Awards presentation. With the agenda set, Day 2 and Day 3 are dedicated to the experiences only Iceland can provide!


Tickets to WILD Week 2023 include:


  • 4 nights accommodation (Monday - Thursday)

  • All transport (Tuesday - Friday)

  • All meals from dinner on Monday through to Lunch on Friday

  • All talks, forums, and networking opportunities

  • 4 days of programming, touring and experiences


Flights to and from Iceland, airport transfers and accommodation before 3 July or after 6 July are not included in the price; costs are in addition to the WILD Week ticket price and should be arranged directly.

Draft Itineary


It is what it says on the can - a WILD Week!

Day 0 -  Monday, 3 July

Reykjavík Arrival

Day 0 allows delegates to arrive and settle in Reykjavík. We will welcome you to this extraordinary capital city and provide guidance and orientation. The day allows you to relax and prepare for the days ahead, including a visit to SPJARA to check out and hire formal & evening wear for the Day 1 evening event.

An Informal group drinks & dinner will be organised to bring everyone together in the evening.

Accommodation; in Reykjavík (included in the ticket price)

Day 1 - Tuesday, 4 July
Reykjavík Forum

Day 1 provides the opportunity to think WILD. A program of talks, awards presentations and forums addressing the issues and opportunities as well as illustrating how WILD thinking can deliver a better future.

The Forum will include:

  • Digital futures forum, with global insights and the presentation of the Digi100 Executive Briefing

  • Transport Futures - Exploring WILD leaps into the movement of goods and people. 

  • WILD innovation Lab - in collaboration with British Design Council

  • Wild Awards Digital Presentation 

  • Networking event and dinner


Accommodation; in Reykjavík (included in the ticket price)

Day 2 - Wednesday, 5 July
Tour: North & East Coast

Day 2 sees us leave Reykjavík and take to the road to explore the world-famous Icelandic landscapes. Heading North as part of the circular tour, we will stretch our minds, bodies and souls exploring this incredible country.

Accommodation: on tour (included in the ticket)

Day 3 - Thursday, 6 July
Tour: Vestmannaeyjar Island

The extraordinary Vestmannaeyjar Islands are the focus for Day 3. Catching a ferry to the largest island, Heimaey, the visit coincides with the anniversary of the end of the lava flow from Eldfell in 1971.

Accommodation: Vestmannaeyjar Island  (included in the ticket)

Day 4 - Friday, 7 July
Return to Reykjavík 

Returning to Reykjavík via waterfalls, geysers, and lava fields, the tour heads back to the capital city and the conclusion of WILD Week.

For those departing on Friday afternoon - we’ll drop you at the airport bus transfer station in time for afternoon flights to London & New York.

Accommodation and dinner: (at delegate's expense)

Planning Your Visit

This is WILD Week. Cancel any other plans.

Flights in and out of Reykjavík are frequent and depart from major airports on both sides of the Atlantic (6 hours from New York / 3 hours from London). Airlines with scheduled flights to Reykjavík include Icelandair, British Airways, Easyjet and Play.

Accommodation in Iceland before Monday 2 July, and after Thursday 6 July, is the responsibility of each attendee (see preferred hotels alongside and Airbnb)

Prepare to extend your mind and your body. Iceland is home to WILD adventures of all sorts. Although visiting in high summer, this is a land of extremes - pack accordingly


Places to stay in Reykjavík 


Delegates will be staying at the Exeter Hotel for Monday and Tuesday nights:

Exeter Hotel
12 Tryggvagata
101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Special Rates for WILD Week Delegates:


Exeter Hotel  - 10% discount (WILDDESIGNEX)

Center Hotel Plaza - 10% discount (WildDesign23)

The Reykjavik Edition - 10% discount via the link 


Reykjavík is also well served by both and




Who is WILD Week for?
WILD Week is an annual event gathering creative minds from across the globe, connected by an interest in exploring the possibilities of thinking beyond. Everyone is connected through the BETTER FUTURE Awards and Exec Club.

Who is organising WILD Week?
BETTER FUTURE - organisers of the world’s largest network of design awards and the BETTER FUTURE Exec Club - a global group of senior creatives from across the globe. Mark Bergin led the WILD Week program, which has fed conversations and input from hundreds of design entities.

Why go to WILD Week?
Everything is a play. The week presents the opportunity to meet other creatives, connect differently and explore the possibilities. 

Why Iceland?
It's the wildest place on earth!

Who else will be at WILD Week?
A mix of senior creatives, business leaders and thinkers. WILD Week will also feature contributions from and connections with the Icelandic design community. A complete list of attendees will be made available before departure.


What is included?
Everything will be taken care of, from arrival in Reykjavík on Monday 3 July, until the end of the WILD Week program on Friday 7 July, including a drop off at the bus transfer station for the airport to catch flights to London and New York.

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