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Turi McKinley - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 18, 2022

In this episode of the Better Future Spotlight, our founder Mark Bergin is joined by the incredibly intelligent, talented and future-focused Turi McKinley. Turi is the Global Practice Lead and Executive Director at frog design and subscribes to the powerful belief that "design cannot change the world, but designers can". This conversation is all about showing up, asking questions, listening to human needs, understanding the new era of corporate social responsibility, reaching those who are most resistant, redefining decision making, the age of addition, and more. Turi is overflowing with design wisdom and it is a great privilege to have her share some of it with us in this episode.


Crime Prevention Through Community Design and Problem-Solving by Studio Gang (2018)

Kara Pecknold of frog design



“Design cannot change the world, but designers can.” 0:01:18
“It is often our responsibility to challenge ‘The Ask’.” 0:06:46
“There is still a lot of lip service out there, but there is also now a greater awareness at leadership levels around the impact that we have on the world.” 0:16:50
“The unique benefit that designers bring to change is that we are focused on making something real in the world.” 0:19:21
“I am seeing a lot of very senior decision-makers become motivated by the bigger questions and wanting to leave a legacy for good.” 0:25:40
“You're never going to be always right.” 0:31:37
”A really bad conductor will just give props to the violinists and never recognize the triangle player...perhaps part of our role as designers is to... think about all the parts of the orchestra, and how they play together to create the symphony.” 0:35:04
We can guarantee impact by how we show up and the questions that we ask. That is the only thing that we can personally control with reliability. It starts individually.” 0:38:43


“The last 30 years of design have been talking about beauty and elegance, not the strategy, efficiency and leverage that comes from design. It fascinates me that the shiny thing is so much more enticing than the effective thing.” 0:13:02
“Design is only really effective in impact when it gets the back 10 or 20% and takes them into the future.” 0:17:54
“We've lost the idea of collaboration using different principles and methodology, but to achieve similar outcome desires.” 0:23:27
“The 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries were extraction centuries... resource extraction, labor extraction. I've got a feeling the 21st century is turning into an addition century.” 0:27:47

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