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Town Hall #78 - Action - ASIA

Updated: May 23, 2022

Hosted by Mark Bergin - Founder of the Design Exec Club / BETTER FUTURE


Adrian Battisby - Practice Leader LW Hong Kong & Senior Director of Interior Design LW Interiors

Karen Hay - Founder & Creative Director at IN-Dulge

Julia Monk - Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect, Interior Designer

Richard Henderson - Founder & CEO at R-Co Brand


“If you don't have action then all you have are ideas.” - Mark Bergin 0:00:26

“To get to transformation, you've got to act.” - Richard Henderson 0:25:15

“It’s important to understand where the value of the design is, not just how much it's costing or the nuts and bolts of it, but the end value of it.” - Karen Hay 0:44:22

“You need to put yourself in the client's shoes, and really think what they think. Only then can you see both sides.” - Adrian Battisby 0:45:24

“It's important to keep the passion flying all the way through the project... every part of the project is vital to creating an exceptional experience at the end.” - Julia Monk 0:46:50

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