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Town Hall #76 - Action - EUK

Updated: May 23, 2022

Hosted by Mark Bergin - Founder & CEO at BETTER FUTURE and The Design Exec Club


Alice Black - Founder at ArtULTRA

Frven Lim - Director (UK) at DP Architects / Founder at Archi-Ts / Co-Founder at SmallButBig

John Mathers - Co-founder at Design Age Accelerator

Julia Monk - Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect, Interior Designer

Philip Johnson - Knowledge Transfer Manager - Design & Innovation at KTN

William Knight - Director at The Renew Consultancy



ArchiTs - supporting mental health and wellbeing



“Fear and perfection often stand in the way of action.” - 1:07:50


“We now appreciate and enjoy far more serendipity.” - 0:40:48


“COVID has actually been quite good for innovation and entrepreneurialism.” - 0:11:46


“The biggest thing we can all do is become conscious of the fact that every action we take can make a difference.” - 0:46:28


“We need to be more agile in thinking and more adventurous in adopting solutions, not only to overcome challenges like COVID, but in the more manageable world that we're all emerging into.” - 0:14:14
“Anything that speaks of a brighter future is to be embraced.” - 1:06:06


“One of the key actions is working out who to collaborate with, where to get the alignment from, and where those resources can be best brought together.” - 0:36:35


“The potency of the person doesn't stop [when they leave a job], if anything, they've got more potency because they've got more freedoms.” -0:29:56

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