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Town Hall #73 - Strong Economy - ASIA

Updated: May 23, 2022

Hosted by Mark Bergin - Founder & CEO of BETTER FUTURE & the Design Exec Club


Julia Monk - Hospitality Thought Leader, Architect, Interior Designer

Dylan Brady - Conductor (Owner) at Decibel Architecture

Richard Henderson - Founder & CEO at R-Co Brand


West Kowloon Railway Station, Hong Kong

M+ Museum by Herzog & De Meuron / TFP Farrells / Arup / West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA)

Boulevard Haussman



“We have to find a way to start embracing a circular economy, because we cannot just keep taking from the land, making things and then throwing them away, hoping that we have endless space to collect all of our trash.”


“You don’t have to design a place to be perfect from the very beginning. In fact, I think a place is better if you design it to be resilient and adaptable.”


“Whatever you do in the built environment has huge social implications because it can transform people’s lives and how they access them.”


“There is always an opportunity to be better.”

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