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Town Hall #59 - Excellence & Better Future - USA

Updated: May 20, 2022

Hosted by Mark Bergin


Rick Bell - Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University in the City of New York

Ronnie Peters - Founder and CEO at 360 Design / Creative Director at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Dan Formosa - Consultant in design / design research / ergonomics / biomechanics

Melissa Cullens - Head of Design at Clearing

Harry West - Professor of Practice at Columbia University / Principal at Invisible Design

Lynnette Galloway - Communications Lead at Apple

Jon Winebrenner - President & Founder at Hurdler Studios


Scrapheap Challenge, RDF Television, UK

Junkyard Wars, RDF Television, USA

20 Feet from Stardom, Morgan Neville, 2013

Excelsior, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1841

Great Seal of The State of New York

East Coast Scooter NYC

Losers, Mickey Duzyj, 2019-

Guiding Principle for Federal Architecture - GSA

Dog Genome Project - Broad Institute

Nokia Mobile: We Were Connecting People - Arto Koskinen, 2017

General Magic - Sarah Kerruish, Matt Maude & Michael Stern, 2018

Town Hall #58 (EUK)

Dan Formosa's Excellence Diagram:



Excellence is around attributes of sustainability, resilience, social equity and mental wellbeing


If you're not failing, your not striving for success


Excellence requires an orchestration of many things coming together…intentionally and chance


We need to place more value on how we can support one another and create an excellent world rather than an excellent individual


It takes a lifetime to receive and recognise excellence


Excellence is more soulful…it resonates with the community


Excellence has gotten us to where we are at


Excellence is not necessarily for good
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