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Town Hall #45 - Next Generation & Better Future - AUS

Updated: May 20, 2022


Andrew Hoyne - Principal & Creative Director at Hoyne, with Hugh Joyner - Content Producer at Hoyne

Betsy Sweat - Head of Asia Pacific at Restoration Hardware with Charmi Gogri - Project Coordinator at Restoration Hardware

Celso Borges - Head of Experience Design at Tigerspike with Vivian Nguyen - Office Assistant at Tigerspike

Hassan el Rayes - State Sales Manager at Schiavello Systems (NSW) with Leila el Reyes - Program Coordinator at Arc @ UNSW Art & Design

Ophenia Liang - Director & Co-founder at Digital Crew with Stephane Nguyen Phan - Chemical Engineer Graduate, Monash University

Theodore Kerlidis - Director at k20 Architecture with India Mitchell - Associate Architect at k20 Architecture


Disruption in Higher Education - Dr. Clayton Christense


Andy Hoyne

we need to think morally about how we live
education is one of the most important pillars we need to be thinking about when we are creating opportunity
the codes for what is deemed acceptable change quite dramatically decade by decade
less haves than have nots
[it will be a better future when] we can find a way to create economic, education, and lifestyle equality... less of the haves and the have nots

Hugh Joyner

as a generation, we are being heard now more than ever before
visual storytelling is now more important than ever
we have to use technology to our advantage to tell the stories that must be told
[it will be a better future when] we are cleaner and more environmentally aware than we are now

Betsy Sweat

one of the positives to come out of the pandemic is that the world looks much smaller.. when was the last time the entire world went through the same thing at the same time?
for the first time, we are looking at work-life balance... make sure you take care of yourself first
[it will be a better future when] everyone realises the voice they have can be heard

Charmi Gogri

when working remotely how do we minimise the distance [between us]?
[due to the pandemic] people are empathising more
[it will be a better future when] people can understand each other in a better manner, and think about others

Celso Borges

my perspective always comes from building human connections
we need to develop more of an empathetic and inclusive framework to understand the enablers and blockers of the communities that we are impacting with our design decisions
this time has highlighted how important to connect with the right people in the right ways... we might have good intentions but if we don't actually spend time to listen and learn that we aren't projecting a good future for the next generation
[it will be a better future when] designers realise the impact we can have on positive change

Vivian Nguyen

the more we move towards trying to be so politically correct, we are actually taking a backward step... the more expression we are afforded, the more understanding we are afforded
[it will be a better future when] we systemically ingrain a better work-life balance into the working model

Hassan el Rayes

one thing I have learned from the Next Generation is to continue to believe in and fight for our own ideologies... we were a courageous generation but they are more so
when we started looking at our Indigenous Participation Program we realised how little we know about our own Indigenous cultures in Australia
giving people the opportunity to speak the truth makes all the difference
by talking and listening to indigenous voices we can learn so much
[it will be a better future when] we redefine success not to just mean money and title but also to include health, family, spirituality, all the spokes on the wheel of life

Leila el Reyes

[our first job to get done is] pushing marginalised voices higher to find new solutions
because the first has been forced to take a moment and reflect, we can redefine the way the world works... opening up our minds to issues like wealth distribution and other social issues
[recently with BLM] we have seen where rage and loves fall on the scale of empathy
[it will be a better future when] marginalised communities aren't as heavily policed and are instead better resourced

Ophenia Liang

I hire people in areas that I need to learn from
[it will be a better future when] we truly respect each other

Stephane Nguyen Phan

give skills and raise awareness around sustainable production and consumption
[our first job to get done is] education, to allow the new generation to have the skills to thrive in a new era
self-awareness is an important skill that is not taught very well in the early stages of education
[it will be a better future when] people start putting the interests of others above themselves and are more prepared to listen than talk

Theodore Kerlidis

you can have a quiet revolution or a loud revolution... our preference has been to go about our work quietly so we can continue to disrupt the change
as designers, we all have the power to influence change
we do want to leave this place better than we found it, that's the mission for ourselves
we are united through our differences
if we were determined to stick it to the man we wouldn't be as successful, because it would be our ego up the front, often not what matters most
we need to challenge the idea that sustainability costs more money
the desk is not the creative point... creativity happens on the couch, in the kitchen, on the street, socially...
[it will be a better future when] life is simpler

India Mitchell

at this moment we are in a prime position to take advantage of the disruption that we are all experiencing and advocate for positive change
the pandemic, social, economic, and sustainability issues are all interlinked
there is a lot of empathy out there... but we need to take it to another level and look at how we can implement empathy into the long term
[it will be a better future when] we take the next step past empathy and take action using the care we feel for each other

Mark Bergin

[on the 'Four As' statement from ADF Chief General Angus Campbell] ... when [members of the Defence Force] are in their professional role [in the fiel] they are meant to be actively looking out for danger and avoiding it, but in their private life this is an unacceptable standard
the idea that we have a finite 'empathy budget' has disappeared
so often we talk about what people aren't, rather than what they are
[it will be a better future when] we have a strong economy, a sustainable environment and social equity... less extraction and more addition

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