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Town Hall #42 - Unity & Better Future - EUK

Updated: May 20, 2022


Phil Nutley - Head of Experience Design at CCD Design & Ergonomics / Founder at Creative Campus

Philip Johnson - Programme Director at Locate East Sussex

Will Knight - Director at The Renew Consultancy / Co-Founder at Design Dialogue

Simon Hamilton - Founder of Design Career Consulting / Editor and Content Curator of the Resource Hub for United In Design / Educator for Elle Education

Àgúst Ingasson - Executive Producer & Board Member at Treasure Trekkers Entertainment

Loïc Sattler - Experience Design Director/Design Operations at Futurice

Contributions on Unity & Better Future:

"We need to refocus on community" - Philip Johnson

"Everyone needs to be contributing to the greater good" - Will Knight

"Collaborating is the way out" - Phil Nutley

"Positive outcomes brought about by a common dilemma (Covid & Brexit)" - Simon Hamilton

"We need domestic resilience to survive" - Phil Nutley

"The design of society is ultimately one of the biggest projects that design expertise can be used to influence" - Philip Johnson

"Economically we are damaged... creatively we are strong" - Phil Nutley


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Ineos Team UK Norwegian Presence Initiative Florian Kobler - Design in the Boardroom Podcast

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