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Gurvinder Khurana & Nigel Tresise | align - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 23, 2022

In this episode of the Better Future SPOTLIGHT, our Founder Mark sits down with Gurvinder Khurana and Nigel Tresise of align interior architecture & design. It's a conversation with no safety net, where Gurvinder, Nigel and Mark talk about finding confidence in being uncomfortable, the creative power of vulnerability, establishing leeway for improvisation in our work, 'better' over 'beauty', the function of age to generate wisdom, and much more.

Resources / References:

Ms Represented with Annabel Crabb - The ABC

Julia Monk - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

It's Time to Retire the Word 'Failure' and Use This Word Instead - John Brandon,

Open Bionics (Bristol)

Scott Summit - 3D Systems (BETTER FUTURE Champion for a Better Future)

Supawood MDF replacement

Team Créatif (Paris

BVN Architecture

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