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Debbie Millman - Better Future SPOTLIGHT

Updated: May 20, 2022

The Better Future SPOTLIGHT podcast series is a series of one on one conversations with executive designers focusing on how a Better Future can be achieved faster through a design lens.

In Episode 03, the fabulous Debbie Millman - Designer, Author, Illustrator, Educator, Brand Consultant, Host of the award-winning podcast 'Design Matters' - joins Mark to talk about the future of communications. They ask how we can shift gears into a kinder standard for communications and information, whilst navigating the lies, untruths, toxic behaviours, standards, consequences, courage, free speech, propaganda, trolls, and the beyond here and beyond acceptable.


Nervous vs. Excited, Simon Sinek

Branding SVA Department Leaders, Instructors and Mentors mentioned:

Tom Guarriello, PhD.

Dan Formosa, PhD.

Sam Devillart

Tosh Hall

Steven Heller

Elizabeth Talerman

Mark Kingsley

Champions of Design:

Bobby C. Martin Jr.

Jennifer Kinon

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