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David Constantine - Better Future Spotlight

Updated: May 18, 2022

Our founder Mark Bergin is joined by David Constantine for this episode of the Better Future Spotlight. David is Principal and Director at Ellis Jones and is thoroughly committed to using design as a positive change maker. David and Mark challenge each other to reflect on their own understandings of design and the verbal handles they each use to describe it. This is a conversation about exploring bigger ideas, new solutions, and different angles on the expedition into a better future.


“Over the space of five or six years, the mentality of a lot of the Fortune 500 and Blue Chip Boardrooms have changed considerably around how they place innovation and design thinking as a process.” - David 04:05

“What a design thinking toolkit offers us is handles and mechanisms to be able to interpret complex data, to be able to work collaboratively, to be able to drive divergent connections and to uncover unexpected parts.” - David 05:43

“Design Thinking said that the person in accounts had an equal role in the creation process [as a design lead], despite having very low match practice, very low cultural reference with very low mastery. They should have a participation role, not a driving role.” - Mark 10:17

“When you get connectivity, you get a common vocabulary and set of tools and frames to be able to discuss across very diverse parts of large multinational businesses. That, ultimately, is going to tremendously accelerate the opportunity to create meaningful change.” - David 15:26

“If organisations actually start to use design capacity to work out how to solve with empathy and creativity… they are going to get to the future faster.” - Mark 19:22

“Our best engagements are ones where we can engage the whole business in order to be able to understand the client's need in a meaningful way.” - David 21:58

“It may look simple, but it's never simple. Complexity is convoluted…The golden path is rarely going in a straight line, but going in a squiggly line.” - Mark 28:40

“When you're trying to create a new understanding, you have to push the pendulum further than it might need to go.” - Mark 46:30

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